Walkera Devo 7E 7CH Transmitter Mode 2 Without Receiver

Walkera Devo 7E 7CH Transmitter Mode 2 Without Receiver

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Battery: 4 x AA cells
Also has a JST plug for an alternative power pack.
7 Channels Function: Elevator, Aileron, Throttle, Rudder, Pitch, Gear(Throttle Hold switch) and Aux2(Flight Mode switch).
Smaller size and half the weight compared to a Devo 10.
Charging and DSC ports on back for your PC Sim.
There's the familiar SYSTEM for all the controls of the TX which affect everything, Display, Buzzer, Vibration Alert.
Like the rest of the Devo series it's upgradable online with a USB port so you can always get the latest available features that the Techies at Walkera are working on.
The upgrade process is very well done, the boot part of the chip isn't affected so the risk of damaging the TX during an upgrade is much reduced.
Good for flying most models up to 500m away or so without any difficulty and keeps the unit simple.

Pakage Included:

1 x Walkera Devo 7E Transmitter (without receiver)

1 x User Manual(Click here)
1 x USB Cable
1 x Audio Line